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How to Make Your Outdoor Patio a Safer Place

With the warmer weather of spring and summer, you will certainly be spending more time outdoors on your patio. To ensure you, your family, children, and guests are safe, it is worthwhile to do a quick review to verify your patio is safe by using these great tips.

  1. Enclose the patio with clear vinyl patio curtains. An enclosure will keep raccoons, birds, squirrels, and other wildlife away, as well as help control mosquitoes and pests. Plus, they can help deter a would-be robber from breaking into your home through your patio doors.
  2. Verify the flooring is in decent shape. You want to make sure wood boards are in good shape and not rotting. If you have concrete, fill in crack and gaps to even it out and prevent trips and falls.
  3. If the patio is elevated, use railings and enclosures. To prevent people and children from accidentally falling off the patio, you need a barrier so they know they have reached the edge. Both railings and enclosures work well.
  4. Make sure there is plenty of open space to move around. If your patio is overcrowded with furniture and other things, it can increase the risk of tripping, slipping, and falling down. Remove excess clutter and create an open and inviting space that is much safer.

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