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How to Keep Birds and Other Wildlife Off of Your Patio

Birds and other wildlife can be a problem when you want to enjoy your patio. Birds may be leaving droppings on furniture. Rabbits and squirrels might be eating your herbs, vegetables, and other plants. You may even have problems with raccoons and possums wandering onto the patio during the nighttime.

There are several effective ways to help prevent and avoid this problem. You should begin by making sure all trees are trimmed back and do not overhang the patio area or your house. Next, move bird feeders and bird baths away from the patio area. The further they are away, the more it will help detract birds and other wildlife.

Once these things are done, enclose your patio. You can build a simple structure that offers shade on those hot summer days. Instead of enclosing the sides with wood, use clear vinyl drop curtains.

The clear curtains allow you to seal up the patio when it is not being used and keep birds and other wildlife out of it. You can also supplement the drop curtains with sunshades to block out direct sunlight.

Best of all, by enclosing your patio with clear drop curtains, is that you can enjoy it year round. The high-quality vinyl will block out wind, rain, and snow. To order custom, U.S.-made patio curtains for your patio, please feel free to contact Enclosure Guy at (830) 445-4500 today. You can also use our online form to request a FREE estimate!