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Improve Your Restaurant Patio This Spring with These Tips

The arrival of spring is a wonderful opportunity for many in the restaurant business. With a change in the weather, diners are ready to step outside again and embrace new ideas and old favorites in the scene.

If you have an outdoor space, business could be booming, but how do you differentiate your restaurant or bar from hundreds of others nearby? These simple tips will make sure your patio stays busy all season long.

Draw in the Crowds

Never underestimate the power of curb appeal. For restaurants with a high amount of adjacent foot—and vehicle—traffic, the first impression of your business makes all the difference to a potential customer. You’ve got to make them stop in their tracks, draw them in, and make them say “wow.”

You can do that to your patio by:

  • Updating your signage – It should be clear and recognizable from across the street and jump out at passersby. If they don’t know what you do and don’t know who you are, they’re unlikely to bother checking.
  • Using a bold color scheme – Inside and out. Bright yellows, oranges, and reds are good for casual eateries, while a darker palette is best for upscale establishments. Just be consistent.
  • Making it Instagrammable – Nothing makes people stop quicker these days than something they can snap and share. A mural or selfie spot, if it’s done right, will get you more foot traffic than you ever imagined.
  • Putting the menu outside – Such an easy thing to overlook, but customers are far more likely to consider a place if they can read a menu first. Have a big board or a few small menus on hand so that they can look through them without pressure.

Woman Make Photo With Coffee Bouquet With Pink Pionies

Make It a Friendly Space

Patrons love a restaurant that they feel comfortable in, and that’s especially true for an outdoor dining area. You want them to be able to relax, linger, and enjoy their meal or drinks—and if you succeed, you can be sure they’ll be back.

A few points to consider:

  • Make the patio pet-friendly, with water bowls and enough space between tables.
  • Update your outdoor restaurant furniture so it’s clean and comfortable.
  • Install fans or space heaters as necessary to keep the space at an optimal
  • Protect your guests from vehicle traffic and harsh weather with a durable patio enclosure.

Use the Season to Your Advantage

Basking in the sun and breathing in the beautiful fresh air are the great pleasures of spring. If you’ve got a restaurant patio, the very best thing you can do is let your customers enjoy it. Turn it into a space where they can not only take in a meal but the new season as well.

A fantastic way to promote this idea is with a seasonal menu. A strong theme that ties together your patio décor with menu items that are heavy on fresh, seasonal produce will really set you apart from a restaurant that offers the same thing all year round.

Summer Day Restaurant Setting Decor With White Plate And Green Glasses

Let Them Enjoy Spring with a Versatile Restaurant Patio Enclosure

Of course, spring does come with its own challenges like sudden weather changes, pollen, and insects. You can’t just expose potential customers completely to the elements.

The perfect solution—and incredibly effective way to improve your restaurant patio—is with a stowable sun shade or vinyl enclosure from Enclosure Guy. Beautiful, affordable, and built to withstand extreme conditions for years to come, our drop shades and drop curtains for businesses will stylishly enhance any outdoor space, drawing in customers so they can enjoy spring in ultimate comfort.

Give your business a boost this season and stand out from the crowd. Get a free online quote using our Quick Quote tool and discover the Enclosure Guy difference today!