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Helpful Tips to Prepare for Pollen & Mosquito Season

Spring will be soon tempting us outside again, but, with the rise in temperature and plant life waking up once more, nature comes with its own set of annoyances. Both mosquitoes and pollen can ruin an otherwise perfect day in the sun, but there are ways to beat them.

Here are some handy tips to help you out this season—and the one perfect solution for all of nature’s problems.

More Than an Annoyance

Both mosquitoes and pollen aren’t just an annoyance. In many cases, they’re a health risk, severely disrupting the lives of you and your family. Allergy sufferers already know firsthand that bad pollen conditions can lay a person low for weeks at a time, trigger acute allergy and asthma attacks, and result in huge amounts of lost productivity.

As well-known transmitters of several dangerous viruses, mosquitoes are also much more than a nuisance. We may think we’re protected in mainland USA, but cases of the West Nile virus, encephalitis, dengue, and chikungunya are still frighteningly possible—and, since vaccines aren’t available, everyone’s at risk.

Dealing with Mosquitos

Mosquito Sucking Blood

The only way to avoid the sting of mosquitoes is to stop them from getting to you in the first place. You should:

  • Prepare your yard – Mosquitoes congregate around and lay eggs in standing water, and they love to hide in long grass and shrubs. Make your yard less of a haven by draining any pooled water in ponds and bird baths and under faucets and keeping your lawn and foliage well-trimmed at all times.
  • Invest in repellents – For maximum defense, combine natural insect repellents like citronella plants with mosquito coils, DEET-based sprays, and newer technology like anti-bug lanterns.
  • Cover up – Wear loose-fitting long-sleeved clothes and pay special attention to your ankles and feet. Mosquitoes are most attracted to darker shades of clothing, so keep it light and bright.
  • Check your windows – Even the tiniest entrance point in your home is like an invitation for a hungry mosquito. Double check that all your windows are closed and that there are no holes in your screens or frames.

Dealing with Pollen

There’s no controlling the amount of pollen outside, but minimizing your exposure can also reduce nasty allergy symptoms. Make sure you:

  • Monitor the situation – Many sources will report high pollen counts when they’re about to start, so keep an eye on your local TV station or online.
  • Keep your air clean – Use air conditioning in your car and home where possible and replace filters regularly. Consider wearing a face mask outside and buying a portable air filter for your bedroom. Have different sets of clothes for outside and inside the house.
  • Avoid the worst of it – Pollen levels are generally highest in dry windy weather, in the morning, and after any kind of gardening or trimming. Try not to go outside in these conditions, and let others do the yard work.
  • Hang laundry inside – Damp laundry that’s left outside is like a magnet to pollen. Dry your laundry with a tumble dryer or by hanging it inside the house.

Find Relief and Fully Enjoy the Great Outdoors with a Patio Enclosure

Unfortunately, staying inside is normally the best approach to dealing with both mosquitoes and pollen, but, for those who still want to enjoy nature and use every part of their house and yard, there is a solution.

Outdoor Patio Drop Enclosures

Installing a custom-fit, high-grade patio enclosure is the perfect way to convert your outdoor area into a comfortable fortress that keeps you safe from nature’s annoyances. With an optically clear finish and the perfect view, you can still entertain, dine, relax, and enjoy the sun without being bothered.

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