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Why Your Golf Course Patio Needs to Be Enclosed with Patio Curtains

After a day of golfing, your guests like to unwind and relax in your golf clubhouse. Most clubhouses also have an outdoor patio area for guests to enjoy. However, if it is not enclosed, guests will not stay in this location for very long and could easily leave faster, compared to an enclosed patio with vinyl patio curtains.

Patio curtains provide many benefits not just for your golf clubhouse but also your guests. On rainy days, you can lower the curtains to block out the rain and wind so your guests can still enjoy being outdoors while they wait for the weather to let up before getting back to the golf course. Even if the weather doesn’t let up, at least your guests will have a dry location to relax and socialize.

Your outdoor patio also provides extra dining and entertainment spaces you will want to use as much as possible. When the patio is not enclosed, you are limited on how often you can open this space to your guests. This is not a problem with an enclosure and the right curtains.

In addition, if your clubhouse is in an area where it gets colder in the fall and winter months, the curtains help block out the cold air and keep the enclosed space much warmer, so you can use the patio year round.

By enclosing your golf course clubhouse patio and adding roll-down curtains, you can utilize this space any time of the year. Do not hesitate to contact Enclosure Guy by calling (830) 445-4500 now for your free estimate!