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5 Tips on Creating the Perfect Patio Space to Enjoy More Time Outdoors

Summer is here, which means spending more time outdoors. Yet, dealing with mosquitos, extremely hot days, and wet rainy days can ruin your plans to be outside. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to address these concerns and still be able to be outside.

  1. Enclose your patio with clear vinyl patio curtainsThe best way to deal with bugs, heat, and rain, is to enclose your patio. Clear curtains give you the flexibility to open up the patio on cooler days.
  2. Address problems with bugs. Get a bug zapper or mosquito repellants you can use during the evening hours when you want to spend time in the pool, use your grill, or spend time in the yard. Keep your yard mowed and make sure there is no standing water near your patio or other outdoor spaces to help control mosquitoes and bugs.
  3. Install an outdoor ceiling fan. You can keep your enclosed space cooler with ceiling fans.
  4. Hang up holiday lights to increase lighting at night. You can use clear holiday lights and string these outdoors to provide more light that is not excessively bright.
  5. Use the right outdoor furniture. Seat cushions, tables, chairs, and other furniture pieces you use to decorate your patio need to be weather- and fade-resistant.

By enclosing your patio with patio enclosures from Enclosure Guy, you can enjoy the beauty of summer, spending time outdoors with family and friends and relaxing in the shade after spending time in the pool.

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