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Fall Patio Decor Ideas

Autumn wooden patio, family heirlooms, with pumpkins and cozy blankets.

Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean your patio time has to be. In fact, fall is one of the best seasons for enjoying the outdoors. These easy outdoor decorations for fall and other inspirations will help you make the most of your patio.


Layers are definitely a good idea if you’ll be outside in cooler temperatures, but how do you extend this practice to your patio? If your patio has a table, consider layering a festive fall runner over an orange tablecloth.

You can apply the same technique to the rest of the surfaces on your patio. Make chairs cozier by lining them with heavier textiles like woven mats or mini rugs, and then add a throw or two. A thick rug underfoot will also make autumn on the patio more enjoyable.

Put the “Rust” in “Rustic”

Decor for halloween. pumpkins outdoors patio

One great way to harmonize with fall and add a rustic look to your patio is to transfer your outdoor plants to rusted metal pots. This can work very well for those who aren’t in an area that experiences fall, but who still want to celebrate the season. Short plants look great in bucket or pedestal-style planters. For taller plants, consider larger square-shaped planters.

Visit your local garden center for fall plants like chrysanthemums and dahlias, place them in their own rusted pots, and you’re good to go.

Shift into the Fall Color Spectrum

Autumn is all about warm browns and vibrant reds and oranges against brilliant blue skies. So why not incorporate nature’s color scheme when decking out your patio for fall? Incorporate little pops of these colors wherever you can; cushions and throws are a good start.

The coziness of the candles, around the table with pumpkin pie

Wood accents are simple but effective fall decor for your patio that also bring brown hues to life. A wooden chair and driftwood pieces can be enough to add that fall vibe. Take it further by swapping out your summer table for a wooden one.

Want to go beyond the traditional fall color scheme? Choose mixed metals for loads of modern style while keeping that fall vibe alive.

Get Some New Hangups

Another way to bring fall to your patio is to hang a quilt you purchased or made yourself. Not only will it make your patio much cozier, but it’ll create a lot of visual interest. A bright fall wreath can also be a great addition; a quick visit to your local craft store for supplies and a couple of YouTube videos is all you need to get your patio ready for fall.

The perfect way to add local color to your wreath is to harvest fallen leaves and dried flowers right from your own fall backyard.

Incorporate Fall Lighting

Halloween. Pumpkin on a wooden table

With fall comes shorter days. Compensate for these by adding lights or lighted fall decorations to your patio. Edison bulbs illuminate and add vintage warmth. If you’re looking for a softer glow, fall votive holders will definitely fit the bill.

If you’re really feeling creative, hollow out a smaller pumpkin or two and place candles inside for instant decor and lighting in one.

Get Corny

What better way to say “fall” than with dried corn? It’s a beautiful and colorful representation of harvest time. When you add flowers and tie it all up with burlap, you have an instant and long-lasting solution to making your patio autumn-ready.

The best thing about this seasonal decorating idea is that it’s easy to make. You can hang as many as you want, anywhere you want to add that fall feel. A great way to display your corn bouquet is to hang multiple bouquets vertically on the same strip of burlap.

Bring the Heat

The temperature may be getting cooler where you live but, thanks to modern technology, that no longer has to be an issue when you want to spend time on your patio. Patio heaters are available in a wide range of sizes, so there’s something for everyone.

Depending on the size of your patio, a fire bowl can be a great addition that adds heat and fall flair. You may need several, but lighting candles is a great way to warm things up and add a bit of fall romance to your patio as well.

Transform Your Bar Cart

Your bar cart may have been a summer staple, but you can also extend its use into fall. How? By adding fall stuff, of course! Replace your wine and highball glasses with mugs and add some jugs of apple cider and cinnamon sticks. You can even include a blanket or two and some bowls of popcorn or other favorite snacks for awesome outdoor fall yard decor.

The Ultimate Protection from Cooler Fall Temperatures

outdoor fall yard decor

Adding heat to your patio can certainly make it more comfortable when temperatures drop. However, what if you could completely enclose your patio when you wanted to, for as long as you wanted to, and then hide it when you’re not using it?

That’s exactly what the removable patio walls and curtains from Enclosure Guy allow you to do. Our enclosures offer climate control on your terms, are custom fit to your space, and you can hide them when you’re not using them.

Our removable curtains and walls offer protection to -30 degrees F. Their durable construction features a marine-grade finish that stands up to tough weather conditions. Plus, they’re easy enough for one person to use. That’s not all; our enclosures also have features like welded bottom, aluminum-tracked header, and more.

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