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How Enclosure Guy Provides Excellent Customer Service

Imagine for a moment you are shopping online for clear vinyl plastic panel enclosures for your home or business. You have questions about the enclosures you need to be answered. You pick up the phone and call for help.

After navigating different options, you finally get to a live person. Before you can even ask your question, they want you to provide them with your name, phone number, and other contact details. Then, when you do get to ask your questions, they refer you back to their website FAQs and do not give you a direct answer.

If this sounds familiar, then you are shopping at the wrong place. At Enclosure Guy, we have been in business since 1983 and are based in the United States. We understand the importance of not only providing a quality and superior product but also providing exceptional customer service.

When you call us with questions, we are here to answer your questions without any obligations. Our goal is to work with you to help you determine the most effective solutions for your home or business for enclosing your patio, porch, or another open outdoor area so you can use and enjoy it year round.

We feature custom-made canvas and vinyl curtains, as well as sunshades and other solutions to best suit your needs. In addition, each of our products is handcrafted to ensure it fits your outdoor space correctly!

If you have questions, would like a free quote, or need help deciding what types of enclosures are best, give Enclosure Guy a call at (830) 445-4500 or use our “FREE Estimate Form” online today!