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Embrace the Outdoors and Protect Yourself with a Climate Control Patio Enclosure

Spring is on the way and, after a long and cold winter, there’s nothing better than being able to get out and enjoy nature again. With the pleasures of spring, though, come a fresh set of environmental annoyances—annoyances that can quickly ruin the outdoors for you and your family. However, there is a way to embrace the outdoors and still be protected: with a custom-built patio enclosure.

Master the Climate

Installing an all-weather enclosure for your patio is like adding both an extra room and an extra layer for your home. Not only does it add a living space that you can enjoy all year round, but it also acts as a buffer for the temperature, keeping the inside of the house warm when it’s cold outside, and cool when it’s hot.

As well as making those sunny spring days last well into the night, a climate controlled system with the right rugged fixtures and durability can reduce the amount you spend on heating and cooling your house, significantly reducing your energy bills.

enclose a porch with clear vinyl drop curtains

Protection from Everything

Anybody who’s been outside in spring knows it’s a time of great growth and activity. Unfortunately, a lot of this natural activity has the potential to affect the health of you and your family. With a rain-clear vinyl curtain for your patio, you can still enjoy a beautiful view, all the while fully protected.


Mosquitos, midges, flies, and moths—the whole insect family comes alive in springtime, determined to walk all over your fixtures, body, and food. You could lather on the bug spray and cover everything in sight when you’re out on your patio—or you could just install a porch enclosure and never have to worry about them again.


Spring brings hay fever and all kinds of allergic problems to millions of American sufferers, and it can severely degrade their quality of life without heavy medication. A patio enclosure can provide a safe space for those affected at home, without feeling like they’re trapped indoors.


Another thing that a heavy-duty enclosure insulates you from is noise. Whether you’ve got a commercial patio attached to your restaurant or simply want a sliver of peace and quiet in your backyard, thick, marine-grade vinyl is surprisingly effective at dampening ambient noise and providing a relaxing environment for you or your customers.

Inclement Weather

outdoor patio enclosure

There’s no such thing as a sure thing when it comes to spring weather, especially as the climate gets more and more turbulent every year. Showers and stiff winds can strike without warning, ruining an otherwise lovely day outdoors in seconds. Taking only moments to roll down or stow away, and perfectly capable of handling whatever nature can throw at it, an Enclosure Guy patio enclosure will mean you’re never caught off guard.

Outside at Any Time with Enclosure Guy’s Ultra-High-Grade Systems

Looking forward to soaking up the great outdoors this spring? Do it in comfort and style with an Enclosure Guy outdoor mosquito enclosure and climate control patio enclosure. Featuring incredible toughness, top-quality materials, and stylish design, we can turn any commercial or residential outdoor area into place you’ll never want to leave. Now’s the time to order for spring—get a free quote online today with our Quick Quote tool!