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DIY Patio Enclosure vs. Professional Contractor and/or Manufacturer

When it comes to renovations, it’s always tempting to DIY, and this is especially true when it comes to installing a sunshade or patio enclosure. After all, putting up one of these should be on the easier end of the scale and, with so much help available online, it’s hard to see how it could go wrong.

Are DIY enclosure kits really worth your time, or should you let the professionals do it? We go through the pros and cons of each method.

DIY: The Attractive Alternative?

It’s easy to see why many people initially choose to handle patio enclosure installations themselves. Cost is obviously a big factor: If you don’t have to call in a contractor, then you should be able to save on the price of labor.

Also, since it’s your own home, you might think that you better understand the space and design requirements that someone who’s never seen your patio before. You don’t have to describe your vision to anyone else—you can just turn it into reality yourself.

Finally, there’s simply something to be said for completing a project with your own two hands. Since DIY kits are available from some manufacturers, it can seem like all it takes is a few short minutes, and you’ll be basking in the glow of a job well done. It couldn’t be easier, right?

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The Difficulties of DIY Measuring and Installation

Many companies offer one-size-fits-all DIY enclosure kits, leaving you the job of measuring and installing the enclosure by yourself. Unless you’re a professional, though, this kind of DIY work can give you a lot of trouble, including:

  • An ill-fitting enclosure – If the measurements and placement aren’t exact, the patio enclosure won’t enclose your area properly—which is what it’s designed to do in the first place! This means that rain, wind, insects, and dust can still all get in.
  • Cost overruns – It might seem like a cheaper alternative, initially, but if you don’t get it right the first time, or don’t follow the instructions, you’ll have to make costly repairs or alterations. There’s always the cost of renting or buying tools and hardware, too.
  • Time – Don’t forget that time is money! All the time you’re taking to do the job is still valuable, and it could be spent in other, more fruitful ways.
  • Reduced value – A properly and professionally fitted patio enclosure will significantly boost the future resale value of your home. A DIY job, on the other hand, can do the opposite. The differences between the two are easy to spot, even to the untrained eye of a potential buyer.
  • Damage – Most patio enclosures are fixed to an existing structure—i.e., the outside of the house. This means that improper installation might cause damage to your home as well as the patio itself.

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Custom Enclosures and Professional Guidance for the Perfect Fit

With all that in mind, calling in an enclosure professional is usually the safest choice—but what if you don’t have to choose?

Enclosure Guy offers the perfect solution. No matter where you are in the country, our custom-built enclosures always start with a free design consultation through phone calls and photos. During that consultation, and at any point afterward, our founder and designer will walk you (or your contractor) through measuring and installing your enclosure so it’s the perfect fit.

If your project is especially complex or you just need some extra help, we’re always happy to lend a hand. We also offer on-site surveys, as well as full installation of any of our products for an extra fee.

Why Choose Enclosure Guy?

Here’s why Enclosure Guy is the only team you should trust for your patio enclosure:

  • All of our residential patio enclosures are designed, custom built, and fitted to your exact specifications.
  • Proprietary fastening advancements and marine-grade materials mean our enclosures are built to last.
  • Our work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If it doesn’t fit right, we don’t charge for adjustments.
  • Our extensive supplier network means you get factory-direct pricing on all of our enclosure solutions.
  • We ship to and service the entire mainland United States and beyond.
  • The Enclosure Guy team has decades of experience fitting both residential and commercial enclosures.

Visit our website today for a free, no-obligation Quick Quote and discover how hiring the right professional for your patio enclosure can transform your home forever.