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Things to Consider: Deck to Screen Porch Conversion

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Having an outside space to enjoy is crucial for many homeowners. When the weather is nice (or even when it’s not), being outside can improve your mental well-being and allow you to spend some time in the fresh air that you might not otherwise have the opportunity for.

If you have a deck, finding the time to do this can still be problematic. The weather often isn’t nice enough to sit outside, or intrusive neighbors might interrupt your peace and quiet. That’s why many homeowners consider turning a deck into a screened porch, eliminating a lot of the concerns that come with having a dedicated outdoor space to relax in.

Here’s what to think about if you want to convert a deck to a screened porch.

Design and Layout Considerations

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The first thing to think about is the practicalities—namely, the design and layout considerations. If you’re going to invest money into your outside screened-in porch, then you want to make sure it’s going to be what you need.

Determining the Purpose and Functionality

If you’re going from deck to enclosed porch, you’ll want to determine why that is before you go ahead with planning. For example:

  • Is this deck primarily just for you, as a private space?
  • Are you going to be entertaining there?
  • Do you want it to be visible from the outside world or not at all?
  • Is the view important to you?

If you consider all of these things, you will immediately be able to narrow down some of your design choices and consider what you’re looking for in an outside screened-in porch.

Check the Foundation

Before building, you should also check the foundation of the house. You’ll likely need to add a roof to your deck, which will add weight to the structure, so you need to make sure it has a steady base that won’t crumble.

Choosing the Right Screen Material

The material of the screen matters. Whatever your needs are, there’s a right call for you. Shades to keep out insects and the sun, for example, are going to meet very different requirements and needs than heavy vinyl that will protect an area against the wind and rain.

The best thing you can do is talk to the company about your needs and ask what they’d advise. Enclosure Guy provides different materials and custom fittings to ensure you’re getting a product that will meet the design and functionality needs of your space.

Choosing the Right Product and Company

Last, you should also do some research on the company providing the material for your screened-in porch. They should have been in business for a long time, answer all of your questions, and have a great track record behind them.

The best companies are ones that will do custom fittings and ensure the screen is tailored to your specific porch.

The Benefits of a Screened-in Porch

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Wondering if turning a deck into a screened porch is worth it? Here are all of the benefits you can enjoy that an open deck just won’t give you.

Insect Protection

Even when the weather is nice enough to enjoy an open deck, that doesn’t mean all of the critters that come with the sun will be understanding of your space. Mosquitos and other insects can be a nuisance and even a health hazard, so having a screen to protect you from them can be a life-saver.


A screened-in porch can also provide some privacy. Whether your porch looks out onto a street and there are often neighbors passing by, or you have people that live next door that happen to constantly look out at you, the shades will keep them at bay.

Of course, if you live in a secluded area with a great view and would rather keep any screens transparent, that’s doable too.


When the sun is glaring down on your porch or the temperature is getting bitter, it can be tempting to grit your teeth and battle through to enjoy your outdoor space—but why should you have to? Choose a screened-in porch, and you won’t have to suffer the discomfort of the elements.

More Use

Having a screened-in porch means being able to sit out there all year round, unlike a deck where you’re at the mercy of the season. The protection from the weather and temperature alone, as well as keeping any outdoor furniture safe and dry, makes a screened-in porch invaluable.

Choose Enclosure Guy for Your Screen Needs

If having a screened-in porch sounds like a stellar idea to you now—as it should—consider Enclosure Guy for your needs. With over 40 years of experience and many customers left happy, we’re proud to provide great products, custom solutions, and customer service that builds trust between us and those who choose to use our services.

We know how important it is to build and maintain an outdoor space that you can be proud of and enjoy, whether for yourself or for hosting, and we want to help you get there.

Whether you need lighter insect protection or heavier-duty vinyl to keep harsh winds at bay, we’ve got you. Get a quick quote on our website before we come out to look at your space or call us at (830) 445-4500 with any questions.