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How to Care for Your Vinyl Patio Curtains

It is important to protect your investment in vinyl patio curtains by remembering to perform routine care and maintenance. The frequency and types of care and maintenance your curtains will require is largely dependent upon the quality of the product.

Our vinyl curtains are made from high-quality, scratch-resistant materials here in the USA. They also have a commercial grade finish and heavy-duty UV. As such, they are designed to stand up to tough environments and temperatures. However, they can still get dusty, and accidental scratches could occur if you do not care for them correctly.

Routine Cleaning

Use a soft cheesecloth and a mild detergent, like a car wash soap. Make sure to wet down the vinyl first to spray off any dust and dirt with a regular garden hose and nozzle. In some cases, this may be all that you need to do. For any remaining dirt, saturate the cheesecloth in the soapy water. You want to wash one section at a time and rinse the cloth frequently.

Scratch Care

After routine cleaning is done and the curtains have dried, inspect them for any scratches. There are polishes you can use to remove them. Consult the use and care instructions that came with your curtains to find out which polish you should use. You want to treat scratches regularly to prevent further wear and tear.

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